"Four Cents"

our two cents, based on your two cents

We’ve shared some overarching strategies that each community can plug into to power the regional vision. But there were also some standout opportunities—businesses, people, assets—unique to each community that stuck with us after leaving your respective corners of Nebraska. Based on what we experienced during our time in your communities (along with what folks shared through visioning sessions, surveys, and various conversations), we’ve come up with some ideas that could add a little “turbo boost” to the regional effort. Keep in mind that if we call out a certain person or business, it doesn’t mean they’re interested in doing what we suggest; it just means we think they’d probably be pretty darn good at it.

here's our two cents...

Polk County Rural Public Power District

The Power District represents a reliable source of capacity and regional connectivity—a grounding presence, you might say. 

The PPD team can become the PowerUP Hub offering technical assistance and capacity-building support to each community through:

  • grant writing services
  • continued support in website design
  • facilitation of the PowerUP Committee
  • community coaching for those interested in pursuing the LCC designation